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The Him-Nail Project: Cross Edition - mp3's - FULL ALBUM -- DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

The Him-Nail Project: Cross Edition - mp3's - FULL ALBUM -- DIGITAL DOWNLOAD





The Him-Nail Project was birthed in March 2015 as collection of piano solos based off of hymns. Consisting of multiple editions that focus on a specific theme, this first edition contains variation on hymns about the Cross. This album is a perfect soundtrack for personal reflection or background music for gatherings.

All tracks were recorded in my home studio utilizing Logic Pro X, VST software, and a Roland KR-977 as a controller. The arrangements and recordings were developed in the studio and recorded over a 72 hour timeframe. After selecting the hymn, I played through it's phrasing a couple of times before I hit the record button. What is contained on this CD is the raw inspiration that followed. I spent no more than five takes on each track, and modified very little in post production so that I could keep the untainted emotion and musical choices originally selected during the recording.

Playing alongside others for a ‘greater’ purpose has been a driving force for my passion. I am in a pursuit for God though music, and invite others, on a regular basis, to join me on that journey. It is at those moments when I feel like I’m doing what God created me to do. I hope that each of the 12 tracks allows you to connect with our Creator on the same level that I did - without barriers or expectations of anything in return; just worship in Spirit and in Truth.

All acknowledgement towards me is reflected back to God, for it is God who created me, and God who sustains me. Thanks to Kim, Lucy and Blakely for enduring hours of solo piano music as I worked on completing this project. I love you all very much and without ceasing.

The album will also be released on iTunes and other digital distributors late March 2015.

TRACK LIST - (~41 minutes)

1. Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross

2. In the Cross of Christ I Glory

3. When I Survey the Wondrous Cross

4. It Is Well with My Soul

5. Nothing But the Blood

6. The Cross is on Our Brow

7. I Stand Amazed in the Presence

8. Hosanna, Loud Hosanna

9. Depth of Mercy

10. Jesus Paid it All - Click this title to hear it's entire track

11. Were You There

12. Down at the Cross

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