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Soundscapes Vol. 2.0 - mp3's - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

Soundscapes Vol. 2.0 - mp3's - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD


I have aways had a passion for using music to enhance and accompany movement or dialogue. It was the drive to explore this passion that sent me to college at Webster University to obtain a degree in Commercial Music - Film Scoring and Jingle Writing. Within this album are a few compositions that I have created over the last few years. I call this collection "Soundscapes". Their purpose is to create specific images in one's mind. After creating a piece, I send a rough draft to my focus group asking them to share any images that might appear in their mind while listening to the track. It is my goal for those individuals to experience a similar storyline that I created the song for. So give a listen and let me know what pictures you see through these compositions.

Thanks to my family, Kim, Lucy and Blakely, for enduring hours of the same musical phrase over and over again while in the composition phase. Thanks to Alan Barnes for mastering the tracks. thanks be to God for the gift of music.


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