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Soundscapes Vol 1.0 - mp3's - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

Soundscapes Vol 1.0 - mp3's - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD


This album has been three years in the making and it contains a wide rage of musical styles through various instrumentation - from orchestral to electronic. I call this collection "Soundscapes", for it's purpose is to create specific images in one's mind while listening to the songs.  I test this process by sending a rough draft to my focus group asking them to share any images that might appear in their mind while listening to the track.  It is my goal for those individuals to experience a similar storyline that I created the song for.  

So give a listen and let me know what pictures you see through these compositions.

All tracks were recorded in my studio utilizing Virtual Studio Technology and real instruments (caxixi, accordion, alto recorder, piano, vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, shakers). Special thanks to  Joe Stobaugh for recording the bass track on "Toy Makers"


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