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The Light of You

The Light of You

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This new anthem is perfect for any season, but aligns well with Advent/Christmas and Epiphany.

Solo and Choir Score options are available.  Chord chart will be available soon.

Companion Choir Parts for the "The Light of You" can be purchased via this webpage as well.  Each quantity purchased grants the purchaser permission to print 20 copies of the SATB charts.  ($5.00/20 = $.25 per copy). If you need more than 20 copies, please purchase an additional Companion Choir Part. Please be respectful of this policy. For a total of $8.00, your choir of 20 can be prepared to sing this anthem with a full piano score and separated choir parts. 

PLEASE NOTE - You are purchasing digital sheet music.  You will receive your purchased files in pdf format.  It is your responsibility to print and distribute music to your singers and musicians.  Chuck Bell Music does not print and mail hard copies.

A note from Marsha - 

Life can be overwhelming and the darkness of division continues to widen the gaps between God's people.  Differing theological interpretations, social stances, political persuasions, and core differences in people--races, economics, faith traditions, sexual orientation/expression/identity, cultures - -all these "differences" attempt to darken what we hold in common--one human family in a kinship united and held by one God.  We all desire love, hope, peace, and joy as we walk our unique paths.  Thousands of years ago, the Christ-child came into the world to give light in the midst of darkness and division.  That same light beckons us today to follow the footsteps of the One who showed us how to live and love.  
My song -- my prayer -- God of all, God of an inclusive, embracing, radical love -- this day -- every day -- lead us to "The Light of You".


Words and Music by Marsha Jean Moor-Charles; Arranged and Adapted by Chuck Bell

Look all around – so much hurt and despair
Clouding our vision – we can’t see you there;
Division takes over and keeps us apart
Come into our lives – we need a fresh start
For we need your hope
we need your joy
You came to our world with your light to shine bright
When the darkness hides from our view
How we need your love
we need your peace
Bind us together—unite us as one
Open our minds
Open our hearts
Open our eyes
To see the light of you
Help us to see that you love us the same
No matter our journey, you call us by name
Though we are different in so many ways
Help us accept one another and teach us to pray
In our darkest hour
Heavenly light you give
Help us to look to you
Show us how to live


This live recorded version by a community choir in Lexington, KY is a slight adaptation from the original arrangement, but still gives a nice representation of the piece overall.

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