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In Gratitude - In Memory of Kayla Mueller

In Gratitude - In Memory of Kayla Mueller

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The story of Kayla Mueller is that of heartbreak and inspiration.  Her passion for humanitarian efforts led her to Turkey and Syria where she was captured, held for 18 months and ultimately killed while being detained by ISIS.

My friend, Marcia McFee, designed and produce/lead a Memorial Service for Kayla's family and friends held in Prescott, AZ, March 7, 2015.  She asked me to set a poem, birthed out of the Plum Village Community, to vocal music for the service. I knew then that I was embarking on arranging one of my most meaningful songs to date.

I pray that God speaks through those words of the poem, the music I wrote, and through Kayla's words that are found in the bridge of the song, in a powerful, positive, life changing way. May Kayla's life's positive impact on others never be forgotten and may God be glorified through this offering.

You can learn more about Kayla at www.forkayla.orgIf you are so moved, you can donate to the non-profit that has been established in Kayla’s honor at All proceeds go to continue to alleviate suffering and create just peace in this world.

"In Gratitude" - WORDS - Irene D'Aruia, Kayla Mueller; MUSIC: Chuck Bell

Scored for Piano and Two Voices.  KEY of D and F.  Piano Score AND Chord Charts included.

You can hear the song by following this link:
The recorded version is slightly different than the original, mainly in the final bars.  In the recording, the final chord settles on the root.  The sheet music version ends unresolved, symbolizing that Kayla’s gratitude for life doesn’t end with her death, but continues on through our living and our work against the evils of the world (oppression, hunger, crime, etc..).
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