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Gather in the Dark Wood - SEE PURCHASE OPTIONS

Gather in the Dark Wood - SEE PURCHASE OPTIONS

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A collection of 6 piano solos inspired by and created for Worship Design Studio's Lenten Worship Series based off of Eric Elnes book Gifts of the Dark Wood.

These piano solos are companion pieces to the Gifts of the Dark Wood Series, and can function as gathering/prelude or soundbed music during the service.  Each individual piece has been composed specifically to match the tone/mood of the service, however, the compositions are versatile enough that they can be used as stand alone pieces outside of the Gifts of the Dark Wood Series.

Titles include: Uncertainty, Emptiness, Thunderstruck, Lost, Temptation, and Misfits.

Each piece is ~3mins

DIFFICULTY RATING - Easy to Moderately Easy

To find out additional information on the "Gifts of the Dark Wood" Lent series - Click this link -------->


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