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Angels Among Us #donotbeafraid - BONUS MUSIC PACK - SEE PURCHASE OPTIONS

Angels Among Us #donotbeafraid - BONUS MUSIC PACK - SEE PURCHASE OPTIONS

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Two original songs composed for the Worship Design Studio's 2017 Advent Christmas Series.  Full worship scripts are available now, and can be previewed and purchased by clicking here.  These two songs are included with the purchase of the worship resources.


ALL RESOURCES - includes all items within the SHEET MUSIC and ACCOMPANIMENT ONLY products

SHEET MUSIC ONLY - includes sheet music - lead sheets, solo voice score (key of Bb) and SATB score (Key of Bb and D), chord sheets, underscoring examples, and congregation melody lines

ACCOMPANIMENT ONLY - includes RECORDINGS of promo video spot, *full orchestration and piano only track for theme songs, benediction, threshold moment and underscoring

Watch the video to hear the threshold moment demonstrated, along with examples of the original theme song for the series


Angels Among Us #donotbeafraid from Chuck Bell on Vimeo.

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