These arrangements are great for Contemporary and Traditional settings, solo/lead voice WITH congregation. Most HYMN charrangements have an unchanged melody, and a musical setting that can stand on it's own with a piano, or played by a small ensemble (drums, keys, acoustic and ele. guitar and bass). Many charrangements  included a "Holy Spirit" moment (aka " the instrumental section") that allows the overlay of Scripture or other spoken word. Many of these arrangements have been lifted up at workshops, services and retreats all over North Georgia and beyond.

Most Charrangemts cost between $3 and $5 each, HOWEVER, when you buy prepackaged collections, which contain 4 Charrangements, you get a great discounted price!  For the equal cost of one lunch or a signature coffee, you can purchase, download and be worshipping through these tunes today.

Have a question to ask?  Contact me me at info@chuckbellmusic.com. I'd love to hear form you and answer your questions!

What is a Charrangement?

Chuck + arrangement = Charrangement! 

Can I get chord sheets for any of your charrangements?

I'm constantly updating my files online.  If a chord sheet is not currently available for a specific piece, contact me at info@chuckbellmusic.com and let me know what you are looking for.

What format are your downloadable charts/arrangements?

All downloadable files are in PDF format.  You can open any of the purchased files with Adobe Acrobat.  You can download the free reader at www.adobe.com

Where can I find audio samples of your songs?

If there is a mp3 of the arrangement, you'll be able to find it in the description page for that chart.  If one is not on the description page, one is in the process of being created and will be available soon. You can also check out Chuck's media page on his website to hear other songs that will be available soon at the webstore.  You can get there by clicking here.

Where do you get your inspiration?

It all comes from God....Most of the time, it's by His creation.  My home office/studio overlooks a large field, in the North Georgia Mountains......that's visual inspiration that, in turn, is translated to my musical side!  I write/respond best when I'm aware of God's presence around me.

Are click tracks or orchestrations available for your charts?

These items are currently not available online.  You can contact me at info@chuckbellmusic.com if you have a request.

Do you provide commissioned work services?

Yes!  However, all of my charrangements have been birthed out of a response to "something"....give me a context, a theme, or a vision and I'll let God work through me...